Steps required to form a KDU Member Group

It is expected that once a KDU Member Group is formed, they will seek to become a non-profit registered organization. A nonprofit organization is governed by state and federal laws. The following steps outline the process of becoming a nonprofit organization for U.S. State & Federal purposes:

Step 1

Check Availability of Name Communicate intent to form a KDU Member Group with KDU Global. This should be done within 6 months of the organization being formed.

Step 2

Prepare Certificate of Formation The certificate of formation defines what the organization will do and who will be initially responsible for the management of the organization.

Step 2A

Prepare Bylaws. A copy of the bylaws, signed by a corporate officer, must be submitted when applying for the federal tax-exemption.

Step 3

File the Certificate with Secretary of State The certificate of formation is filed with the Secretary of State, in the state in which the organization is formed. It must include the initial directors, incorporator, registered agent & his/her address, & how the organization will be governed.

Step 4

Meeting of Initial Directors to Adopt Bylaws and Transact Business After the organization obtains its certificate of formation, it must hold an organizational meeting to adopt the Bylaws , and vote to authorize the preparation and filing of the IRS Form 1023 (Application for Recognition of Exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code), and open a bank account.

Step 5

Apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number In order to be open a bank account & become tax-exempt, an organization must obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Step 6

Prepare Federal Tax-Exemption Application The IRS Form 1023 may be obtained from the IRS website ( together with the detailed instructions to the IRS Form 1023. The instructions describe, step-by-step, how to properly complete the IRS Form 1023.

Step 7

Annual Filing of Nonprofit Corporation Tax Returns The tax filing requirement of a nonprofit corporation is based on its level gross receipts and assets. A nonprofit organization must file Form 990, 990-EZ, or 990-N (postcard) annually.
``I am appealing to the various chapters to work on increasing their membership and to also encourage the formation of new chapters if they can be of help. Let us spread the good news so that Krios who are sitting on the fence will join us in our quest to not only live to our motto ‘Lɛ wi ɛp wisɛf’, but also ‘Lɛ wi ol wisɛf’.``

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