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KDU Global Chair’s New Year Message 2020

Christmas and New Year’s message from the chair.

To my Fellow Krios, KDU Global and its diaspora, I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year. I would also like to use this opportunity to thank you for your commitment over the past years. Let us reflect on the past years and take a look on the years ahead.

For the coming year and the future, it will be rewarding if we as one unit make some Resolutions.

Let us think big and focus on positive actions because as we all know the opposite will not help us achieve any goal. Our organization needs more than talk and opinion. It is time we learn about our organization’s fundraising plan; how we raise money and how we spend it. It is vital to know that fundraising is not just about asking for money. We do not necessarily have to be out there soliciting but by listing our relationships, meeting prospects, thanking donors by sending written acknowledgement for their support.  Being transparent is an opportunity to showcase the organization and its activities and involving donors.

Our vision of a better life for Krios should keep us energized, focused, passionate, and result oriented. Let us not feel jade or bored but rather encourage each other to remember why we really care about KDU Global and its mission.

Knowing that change is hard for all organizations, including ours, we will be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Having said that, let us take a look at the Bylaws for example. Is the organization complying with the operating procedures stated in the Bylaws or do we need to align the Bylaws with the organization’s current operations?

By overcoming the challenges with courage, we will grow and shine. We will create an epidemic buzz about KDU Global and be our own advocate and having fun while doing it.

Let us encourage a positive –Can do attitude by being committed because this will help us make a tremendous difference.

Let us keep the fires of passion and energy burning brightly. This we have proudly started with these projects

  1. Scholarships awarded to 3 medical students and 5 high school students. Presentation by KDU Texas.
  2. King George’s home project. This project is in different stages. The first stage is providing:
    • Water tank.
    • Nonperishable foods
    • Medical supplies.
    • Hygienic products

Presentation will be done by members of KDU North East. The other stages, e.g. providing water and electricity will be followed in due course.

From my family to yours, Warmest Thoughts and best wishes for Christmas and a Successful and Glorious Happy New Year.

Be Blessed.

Dr. P. Dougan
Chair KDU Global
December 18, 2019

KDU Global Chair’s New Year Message

Chairman’s New Year Message 2018

Mi KDU Ɛn KDY Fambul Dɛm,
Appi Nyu-ia to una ɔl. Lɛ Gɔd mek 2018 bɛtɛ fɔ wi ɔl.

As I start my second term as Chair, I want to thank you for the confidence you have in me to continue to serve in this capacity. Let me on behalf of KDU Global say thank you to our outgoing Vice Chair and executive members for a job well done. As a result of their efforts we were able to accomplish the following:

  1. Hosting of the Family Reunion by KDU New Jersey
  2. Hosting of the Global Healthcare Outreach at Regent Village in Sierra Leone
  3. Trademark of our KDU name and Logo in the United Kingdom
  4. Getting our corporate By-Laws done by a law firm
  5. Approval of The Global Healthcare Outreach as an annual event

Thank you and God bless. Working with you and the rest of the leadership has been a blessing for Krios everywhere.
As we start the New Year, the new executive will pursue the vision and mission of KDU Global. I look forward to working with our Vice Chair and the rest of the executive and members of our Global Leadership. We owe it to our members to do what is right as we go about our shared responsibilities. Let us make the following our goals for 2018:

  1. Each chapter to raise $10K towards projects in the USA and Sierra Leone
  2. Each chapter to increase its membership by 10%
  3. Increase the number of chapters by 3
  4. Ensure a successful KDU Family Reunion in London, England

I am appealing to the various chapters to work on increasing their membership and to also encourage the formation of new chapters if they can be of help. The good news is that some progress has been made; but we need to do more. Let us continue to make a concerted effort to bring all Krios under the umbrella of the KDU Global in our quest to not only live up to our motto ‘Lɛ wi ɛp wisɛf’, but also ‘Lɛ wi ol wisɛf’. Let those who come after us see our foot prints on the sands of time.

Let us continue working as a team, for in unity there is strength..
The Leadership of KDU Global and KDY Fritong wish all Krios and Sierra Leoneans everywhere a very happy and blessed 2018.


Archimedes C. E. Faulkner
Chairman, Krio Descendants Union Global Leadership

In Remembrance of Dr. Ryan Bankole-Gibson

On Friday June 30th, 2017 the Krio Descendants Union Global (KDU) led by the Health Committee presented a check to the mother of the late Dr Ryan Bankole-Gibson, Ms. Nduka W Reffell.

A Certificate of appreciation and honorary Lifetime Membership with a monetary donation was presented on behalf of the group by our KDU Young Adults leader in Freetown Mr. Claudius Brad Coker

Dr Ryan was an integral part of the first Krio Descendants Family Reunion in Freetown this past December and played a very important role in the planning and execution of the KDU Health outreach, “A CHRISTMAS GIFT TO THE FREETOWN COMMUNITY” held at The Vine Memorial Mission facility.

The composite team with its partners saw almost 400 men, women and children. In addition the children were kept busy in an interactive session learning through play, dance and reading they were also given information on dental health by our volunteer dentist. The health team was made up of Nurses, Nurse-Practitioners, Nurse-Midwives, Physical Therapists and Doctors.

As a result of the success of this inaugural event,KDU Global has decided it will continue its Health Outreach to the Freetown Community as an annual event.

Sierra Leonean achieves Nursing Excellence award in Texas

Kudos to our KDU Global Secretary as she is featured as one of Dallas/Fort Worth 100 Top Nurses. See article below.

Including-Honorary-Consul-General-Mr.-Patrick-Jackson“This Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) was born and raised in Sierra Leone, educated as a Nurse and Midwife in England, where she practiced for two years before moving to Dallas. She has practiced as a Registered Nurse (RN) for 27 years total at the PHHS; 24 of those as a Certified Nurse-Midwife. She has a calling to care for the medically underserved, both locally and globally. She is an alumnus of the Annie Walsh Memorial School and the Methodist Girls’ High School, in Freetown. She is the Co-Chair of the Krio Descendants Union ( KDU) Global Health Committee of the diaspora.

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Our own Hon Patrick Jackson Former Chair KDU Global

City of Dallas welcomes new Sierra Leone Honorary Consul Patrick R. Jackson

The Ambassador of Sierra Leone to the United States His Excellency Bockari Kortu Stevens formally inaugurated the Honorable Patrick R. Jackson as the Honorary Consul of Sierra Leone to Texas. The event which was hosted by the City of Dallas in collaboration with the World Affairs Council attracted an impressive audience comprised of Sierra Leone Nationals, top city council members, diplomats, business executives among others.

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The unveiling of the plaque at the Cotton Tree. KDU Freetown in attendance.

Sierra Leone News: Tourism Ministry unveils plaque in commemorating Early Settlers

L-R-President-of-the-Krio-Descendants-Union-and-Acting-Minister-of-Tourism-unveiling-the-plaque.The Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs in collaboration with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the Freetown City Council (FCC) on Thursday unveiled a plaque to commemorate the arrival of Early Settlers in Freetown from 1787 to 1808.
The unveiling ceremony took place at the Country Tree.

Giving the History about Early Settlers-Freed Slaves, Professor Joe A.D. Alie, a Commissioner at the Monuments and Relics Commission said, “The original settlers are the Original Settlers including the Nova Scotians and the Maroons.”

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Preserving Heritage Message for the Treaty Day Anniversary at Trelawny Town, Jamaica

Melbourne Garber –

Krio Descendants Union – Extending Borders, Preserving Heritage Message for the Treaty Day Anniversary at Trelawny Town, Jamaica

Chief Michael Grizzle, Mayor Glendon Harris, Madam Minister Kadija Seisay, Members of the Trelawny Town Community, Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you greetings from your brothers and sisters of the Krio Descendants Union Global family in the United States, Canada, England and especially from the parent body in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The mission of the Krio Descendants Union is to provide a unifying voice for the Krios while promoting and preserving our history, culture and heritage through reflection, education, and charitable giving. I am the immediate past Chair of the Krio Descendants Union Global Leadership and the President of the Krio Descendants Union of the Northeast region of the USA. My role within the Global Leadership has now transitioned to the body’s Historical Archivist.

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