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The parent organization is the Krio Descendant Union Freetown with a motto “Leh We Ep Wesef”. In addition to the parent group, there are currently eleven Krio Descendants Union (KDU) organisations that form KDU Global; KDU New England, KDU Northeast, KDU Georgia, KDU North Carolina, KDU Texas, KDU Houston, Krio Descendants United California, KDU London, Krio Diaspora United Southern Ontario, KDU Youth (a virtual group) and most recently KDU Maryland. These member groups, with the exception of KDU Youth each have three representatives that make up the collective leadership of KDU Global. The common thread and theme of these member groups is the preservation of the rich and diverse culture and heritage of the Krios of Freetown, Sierra Leone and ensuring that our children grow up to understand and appreciate them, especially for families living outside Sierra Leone. As an organisation, we hope to provide a forum for cultural expression, a conduit for channeling Krio concerns and participation in the general affairs of Sierra Leoneans at home and in the diaspora. We hope to see other KDU organisations develop in the diaspora and other countries outside of Sierra Leone and eventually create a global network of Krios that though not necessarily resident in Freetown, can contribute meaningfully to the development of our beloved country of Sierra Leone.

The Black Poor

Eventually 411 African Americans, West Indians, and Black Britons left the dock at Plymouth on April 9th 1787. Only 377 of the blacks went ashore when they arrived at Frenchman’s Bay (renamed St. George’s Bay and now called Kruman’s Bay)

Jamaican Maroons

After the second Maroon War, the Trelawny Maroons were originally sent to Nova Scotia and 550 of them were then repatriated to Freetown in 1800. In Sierra Leone they are probably famous for the church they established between 1820-1822 called St. John’s Maroon Church.

Nova Scotian Settlers

On January 15th 1792, a fleet of fifteen ships left for the shores of Africa. It was the largest fleet of blacks ever to immigrate to West Africa. Between February 26th and March 9th, the Nova Scotians arrived on the shores of Sierra Leone.

Liberated Africans

Between 1808-1860s, the last main group of ancestors of the Krio people arrived in Sierra Leone. This group was known as the Liberated Africans, and they had been rescued from slavery before they reached the shores of the Americas.
Chapters by region.
The common thread and theme of these member groups is the preservation of the rich and diverse culture and heritage of the Krios of Freetown, Sierra Leone
USA & Canada
There are several Chapters in North America including Texas, Georgia, Maryland, Northeast, New England, Houston, California, North Carolina, and Southern Ontario, Canada.
Sierra Leone
The parent organization based in Freetown is called Krio Disendant Yunion (KDY) with a motto “Leh We Ep Wesef”.
KDU - London has been established for several years

our mission

The purpose and mission of Krio Descendants Union Global Leadership is to provide a forum for the leadership of the Krio Descendants organisations at home and the diaspora to discuss, evaluate and enhance the collective activities of their respective groups with regards to promoting and preserving the history, culture and heritage of the Krios of Sierra Leone through reflection, education, and charitable giving.

Annual Thanksgiving

Each Chapter hosts a Thanksgiving Service, usually on a Sunday, in respective regions, displaying the many beautiful and colorful prints of KDU Chapters.

Annual Family Reunion

KDU Global facilitates an annual reunion event spanning several days, including a Symposium, Thanksgiving, Dinner, Luncheon, Awujoh, and Picnic.

Country Projects

Chapters focus on various areas of need in Sierra Leone, such as health, education, and other socio-economic development issues.
KDY Fritong

KDY Fritong

KDU - Texas

KDU - Texas

KDU - Northeast

KDU - Northeast

KDU Georgia

KDU Georgia

Young KDU

Young KDU

Please contact secretary@kduglobal.org for requirements to form a KDU group in your geographical location and become a KDU global member group.
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