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KDU Global Chair’s New Year Message 2020

Christmas and New Year’s message from the chair.

To my Fellow Krios, KDU Global and its diaspora, I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year. I would also like to use this opportunity to thank you for your commitment over the past years. Let us reflect on the past years and take a look on the years ahead.

For the coming year and the future, it will be rewarding if we as one unit make some Resolutions.

Let us think big and focus on positive actions because as we all know the opposite will not help us achieve any goal. Our organization needs more than talk and opinion. It is time we learn about our organization’s fundraising plan; how we raise money and how we spend it. It is vital to know that fundraising is not just about asking for money. We do not necessarily have to be out there soliciting but by listing our relationships, meeting prospects, thanking donors by sending written acknowledgement for their support.  Being transparent is an opportunity to showcase the organization and its activities and involving donors.

Our vision of a better life for Krios should keep us energized, focused, passionate, and result oriented. Let us not feel jade or bored but rather encourage each other to remember why we really care about KDU Global and its mission.

Knowing that change is hard for all organizations, including ours, we will be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Having said that, let us take a look at the Bylaws for example. Is the organization complying with the operating procedures stated in the Bylaws or do we need to align the Bylaws with the organization’s current operations?

By overcoming the challenges with courage, we will grow and shine. We will create an epidemic buzz about KDU Global and be our own advocate and having fun while doing it.

Let us encourage a positive –Can do attitude by being committed because this will help us make a tremendous difference.

Let us keep the fires of passion and energy burning brightly. This we have proudly started with these projects

  1. Scholarships awarded to 3 medical students and 5 high school students. Presentation by KDU Texas.
  2. King George’s home project. This project is in different stages. The first stage is providing:
    • Water tank.
    • Nonperishable foods
    • Medical supplies.
    • Hygienic products

Presentation will be done by members of KDU North East. The other stages, e.g. providing water and electricity will be followed in due course.

From my family to yours, Warmest Thoughts and best wishes for Christmas and a Successful and Glorious Happy New Year.

Be Blessed.

Dr. P. Dougan
Chair KDU Global
December 18, 2019

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