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KDU Global Chair’s New Year Message

Chairman’s New Year Message 2018

Mi KDU Ɛn KDY Fambul Dɛm,
Appi Nyu-ia to una ɔl. Lɛ Gɔd mek 2018 bɛtɛ fɔ wi ɔl.

As I start my second term as Chair, I want to thank you for the confidence you have in me to continue to serve in this capacity. Let me on behalf of KDU Global say thank you to our outgoing Vice Chair and executive members for a job well done. As a result of their efforts we were able to accomplish the following:

  1. Hosting of the Family Reunion by KDU New Jersey
  2. Hosting of the Global Healthcare Outreach at Regent Village in Sierra Leone
  3. Trademark of our KDU name and Logo in the United Kingdom
  4. Getting our corporate By-Laws done by a law firm
  5. Approval of The Global Healthcare Outreach as an annual event

Thank you and God bless. Working with you and the rest of the leadership has been a blessing for Krios everywhere.
As we start the New Year, the new executive will pursue the vision and mission of KDU Global. I look forward to working with our Vice Chair and the rest of the executive and members of our Global Leadership. We owe it to our members to do what is right as we go about our shared responsibilities. Let us make the following our goals for 2018:

  1. Each chapter to raise $10K towards projects in the USA and Sierra Leone
  2. Each chapter to increase its membership by 10%
  3. Increase the number of chapters by 3
  4. Ensure a successful KDU Family Reunion in London, England

I am appealing to the various chapters to work on increasing their membership and to also encourage the formation of new chapters if they can be of help. The good news is that some progress has been made; but we need to do more. Let us continue to make a concerted effort to bring all Krios under the umbrella of the KDU Global in our quest to not only live up to our motto ‘Lɛ wi ɛp wisɛf’, but also ‘Lɛ wi ol wisɛf’. Let those who come after us see our foot prints on the sands of time.

Let us continue working as a team, for in unity there is strength..
The Leadership of KDU Global and KDY Fritong wish all Krios and Sierra Leoneans everywhere a very happy and blessed 2018.


Archimedes C. E. Faulkner
Chairman, Krio Descendants Union Global Leadership

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