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Working to Sustain a Culture

Providing a forum for the Krio Descendants organisations at home and the Diaspora

Krio people of Sierra Leone are descendants of mainly 4 groups who founded and settled in the city of Freetown including 200+ Black Poor from Britain in 1787, 1100+ Black Americans via Nova Scotia in 1792, 500+ Jamaican Maroons in 1800, and 60,000+ Liberated Africans from West/Central Africa between 1807 and the 1860s.

Homecoming 2016-17

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Dr. Princess Dougan

Chairman's New Year Message

To my Fellow Krios, KDU Global and its diaspora, I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year. I would also like to use this opportunity to thank you for your commitment over the past years. Let us reflect on the past years and take a look on the years ahead.

For the coming year and the future, it will be rewarding if we as one unit make some Resolutions.

Let us think big and focus on positive actions because as we all know the opposite will not help us achieve any goal. Our organization needs more than talk and opinion. It is time we learn about our organization’s fundraising plan; how we raise money and how we spend it. It is vital to know that fundraising is not just about asking for money.

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There are currently 16 Krio Descendants Union (KDU) Chapters, formed after the Home based organization, KDU Freetown, that form KDU Global. KDU Dallas TX, KDU Houston TX, KDU North Carolina, KDU Maryland, KDU Northeast, KDU Georgia, KDU Southern Ontario, KDU Southern California, KDU Florida, KDU Young Adults, KDU South Eastern Pennsylvania, KDU Central Florida, KDU NE- Boston, KDU London, KDU Ohio- Columbus, KDU Edmonton Canada
Black Americans, Maroons, and West Africans are most of the ancestral groups woven through history to become the Krios of Sierra Leone
Join us in Boston this year for our annual KDU Family Reunion
1787: Granville Town & Freetown
Founded by the Black Poor from Britain
1792: Freetown
Founded by Black American Settlers
1800: Maroon Town
Founded by Jamaican Maroons
1808-1855: The Peninsular
Founded by Liberated Africans

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